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Home Storage Solutions

Wire Cube Storage

      Product description:

      Spark new organizing solutions with a live wire. Versatile design allows assembly as a 5-cube set or 4-cube set with extra grids used as shelves for literature, or dividers for vertical 3-ring binder storage. Welded open wire construction reduces dust accumulation. Each set includes twenty 14"W x 14"D x 14"H square interlocking grids, 22 plastic corner connectors and 16 clips. Interlocking grids are easy to set up and reconfigure as needs change. 20 lb. weight capacity per cube.
      Easily customizable.
      This shelving system comes with quick-lock connectors for easy custom assembly
      Each grid features open wire construction for generous air ventilation. 
      Each included cube measures 14 x 14 inches and can support up to 50 pounds.
      Installation Instructions:
      Interlocking cubes giving you multiple stacking options
      Each cube is made from steel wire painted black, and attached via matching heavy duty plastic connectors.

      Easy to assemble set of 4 storage cubes in black
      Add more cubes to expand your storage unit, and arrange them to any shape you desire!
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